soundtracks i heavily fuck with right now (that i can access on spotify):

  • adventureland
  • palo alto 
  • celeste and jesse forever

that’s it 

superbad should honestly win best soundtrack award. ever. always. nothing can beat it. it’s unstoppable. 


Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004. These images appear in the booklet for the CD/DVD Box Set release “Amy Winehouse at the BBC”.

let me live 

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Richard Ayoade

A girl would come in, rent a movie, and Quentin would write down her account number and then call her at home and be as charming and sincere as he could. He’d tell them he just thought they were very sweet, and wanted to go to a movie with them.
Video Archives employee on how Quentin Tarantino would ask out girls (via rudelatina)

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august 31st, 11:59pm


september 1st, 12:00am



Pulp Fiction (1994).


the straight agenda

  • nike
  • "how do lesbians have sex"
  • bad facial hair
  • weed socks
  • "IM NOT GAY!!!!"
  • comparing their relationship to romeo and juliet

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im gonna have a full load this semester + work and im gonna be okay. everything’s gonna be okay. ill be good. i can totally do this.

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I didn’t think this song could get better 

1,397 plays It's Hard To Get Around The Wind Alex Turner Submarine Soundtrack


It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind by Alex Turner.

“It’s like you’re trying to get to heaven in a hurry and the queue was shorter than you thought it would be and the doorman says you need to get a wristband.”

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how can peach and mario just like casually play tennis with the giant dinosaur turtle monster who is always threatening both of their lives? they all just set aside their pasts to have a good old game of tennis? also did bowser raise bowser jr. himself? is bowser a good father?