Siri…… cancel my three o’clock and access sexy_boob.exe

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- Do you know what you want to do? Do you know what you want to be?
- I don’t know.

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Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola

"I’m not depressed, why do you always think I’m depressed? I’m just tired."


Laverne Cox shoots for Luke Fontana

my average lift is 3,000 lbs



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Hey we’re all alone.
Turns out we don’t belong.
Turns out we don’t belong,
After all.

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like everything about it is so fucking aesthetically pleasing it’s ridiculous. Not to mention, the menu isn’t a loop of clips from the movie, it’s separately filmed snippets of the landscapes and atmospheres in the movie. No dialogue or anything and it’s like 3 minutes long. It’s fucking perfect. OMG.

Look into my eyes and tell me that the social network DVD case ALONE isn’t flawless

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Jason Schwartzman for Bust magazine, February 2013.

i cant stop eating and ive been watching broad city for three hours

i just want beer and cool weather so i can wear my adidas pants every single day